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For an age and more, a mystery has been sealed;
Reposed within a trusted heart,
Ever silent,
Ever concealed.

Verisimilitude is a by-word for the avaricious –
Especially when God’s Grace is simoniacally sold; for
Revelations, a single book, reveals
Salacious secrets of the Saviour
Elicited through sensual, shameless Acts of love.

Persuading poets to renounce their craft
Of prolix poems, possibly pervading and partaking of some
Erudite but emotionless singers’ art,
Their very songs reveal the gall and bitter
Ravings of an unhinged mind, reprimanding Father.
Yet still that secret I cannot find.

If it be the will of the One Divine, pray
Say so, that I might know, for …

Always is a very long time.

Can any one heart truly hold
One single word from God?
Not mine. I dare not be that bold.


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Hamish McGee
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