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 The Gathering of the Brethren

The Lord looked down upon the land,
As so often now He would.
And seeing the Brethren gathered there,
He saw that all was good.

For the time of war was ended,
The killing now was o’er.
The Lord’s Heart swelled with pride,
How could He love them more?

‘Though David was a mighty King,
And belovèd of the Lord.
Yet he could not build the Temple,
For he had lived by the sword.

“My House shall be a House of Peace,
For each and every man.
And I shall dwell with my people here,
In harmony in this land.

This shall be a House of Rest,
For the Ark of my Covenant.
And I shall dwell with the Law therein,
Where my people may give thanks.

David’s son now is King,
The leader of this land.
And I shall lead the Brethren,
And guide them with Mine Hand.

So let the building now begin,
My Temple here shall stand,
Amongst the Brethren gathered here,
In this Good and Holy Land.”

King Salomon’s Dream

So the Lord appeared in a dream,
To Salomon, David’s son.
And told him of the Temple,
Whose building must soon be done.

“I shall grant to thee one boon,
For thou hast found favour with me.
And if thou dost remain true,
I shall set thine spirit free.”

“Oh Lord, oh Lord, my Only God,
Pray glory be to Thee.
For thou hast granted me a crown,
And more hast Thou given me.

That I have Thee by my side
Is all happiness for me.
Pray guide me in this choice,
That I may serve only Thee.

 I am yet young of years,
And not worthy to be King.
So aid me in this matter,
That I may Thine Glory sing.”

“Ask of Me yet anything,
For thou art My David’s son.
And if thou wilt harken to My Voice,
Great deeds by thee shall be done.

So ask now for thy gift,
And I shall grant it thee.
But take thou care o’er this task,
Before thou ask it of Me.”

King Salomon Prospers

“My Lord, my God, Almighty One,
I ask a just and righteous way.
That I may rule with compassion,
My people each night and day.”

The Lord smiled to hear these words,
And granted wisdom to Salomon.
And riches also He granted him,
His David’s wisest son.

And so the land grew from strength to strength,
Its people ruled by a wise King.
Peace and prosperity also it knew,
In the Lord’s Care, lacking nothing.

So Salomon thought to thank the Lord,
And did to Him a song sing.
“Oh Lord, my God, my Only One,
I thank Thee for this ruler’s ring.

And for more than this I thank Thee,
For the Goodness Thou did bestow.
For Thou hast granted all to me,
And laid mine enemies low.

So I shall build to Thee Thy Temple,
Wherein I shall sing Thine Praise.
And I shall not lift my hands in anger,
But in prayer to Thee them raise.”

The Lord was pleased to hear these words,
And blessed the King of that land.
Inspiring the building of the Temple,
And giving strength to his hand.

King Salomon Sends for King Hiram

 And King Salomon sent out word,
To King Hiram his trusted friend.
A message to him was writ,
And across the land was sent.

“Worthy brother of good report,
My loyal and worthy friend,
Truly have I need of thee,
Thy skill, I pray, me lend.

For the Lord my God has granted,
A vision to me it seems.
And I must build a Temple,
As I beheld it in my dream.

The Lord my God has given me,
A wise and discerning heart.
And so I call to thee my friend,
As thou hast been from the start.

Come aid me at this time,
For a Temple I must build.
And within its marble pillars and walls,
With all riches shall it be filled.

Delay thou not in coming here,
For I have such need of thee.
And in this time of plenty and peace,
Pray render aid to me.

Spare no task nor any means,
By which to come to my land.
And we two shall commence this task,
By the power of God’s Great Hand.

And I shall reward thee well,
And all whom thou shalt bring.
And when the task is o’er and done,
To the Lord we both shall sing.

And one more brother I shall enlist,
To aid us in this matter.
And with his help, the Temple build,
And thus complete the latter.

So my friend, my Worthy Brother,
Comest thou from the Kingdom of Tyre.
Come and sit with me this day,
And prepare the Holy Fire.”

And so the message went,
O’er land, air and sea.
That Hiram, King of Tyre might come,
And the Lord’s Temple be.

King Salomon Seeks Hiram Abiff

And another message Salomon sent,
To an Architect of old.
To the Widow’s Son, Hiram Abiff,
Was this message also told.

“My Lord the Worthy Salomon,
Has commanded this of me.
For I am but his messenger,
Whom he has sent to thee.

The Lord our God is with our King,
In restoring peace to our land.
And wealth, power and wisdom too,
Has He given to Salomon’s hand.

In a dream did our God appear,
To our noble King so wise.
And there in Devine Sleep,
A vision came to his eyes.

And our Lord God did speak to him,
Though He did not reveal His Face.
And there in that noble sleep,
Did our God King Salomon grace.

The vision was of a mighty Temple,
Whose like has ne’er been seen.
And it was a beauteous place,
Whose like has ne’er yet been.

For it was built of the finest stone,
That e’er graced our land.
And our Lord God did place this task,
Into our noble King’s hand.

And the building shone as a mighty beacon,
To clear the darkest night.
And like the desert cloud by day,
It shone with Devine Light.

So my noble Lord bids me,
To enlist thy honourable aid.
To build a Temple to our God,
‘Ere its memory does fade.

Pray tell me now, ‘ere I depart,
What shall be thy reply.
Wilt thou assist our noble King,
That I might to him fly?”

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