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If you need or want a piece of fiction written for yourself, someone else or an occasion, whoever or whatever it is, it may be that Hamish can help you. A poem or story written specifically for you or someone for whom you care, is a gift that is beyond quantification, a truly unique gift that will ever bring to the recipient’s mind and heart the love and appreciation that inspired it.

Perhaps you have a speech to make? A presentation to give? Hamish McGee has experience not only of writing extraordinary works of fiction (both poetry and prose) but also extensive experience of delivering speeches and presentations to audiences which have numbered between 10 and thousands. It may be that he can help you.

Let Hamish know what it is you have in mind and he will try to help in whatever way and to whatever extent he can. Hamish is not normally given to personal promotion, preferring instead to work in the shade. However, he might might be persuaded to make a personal appearance for you – if you happen to be very, very fortunate and the occasion is appropriate.

Hamish will work closely with you, support you to write your own material, or write the material for you if that is what you wish.

Hamish, and those how know him best, support charities which seek to bring food, shelter and, most of all, education to children and the needy throughout the world. Funds raised through this website will be used to further the work of these causes. If you feel this is worthy of your support, please let Hamish know by leaving a comment or message.

Perhaps you too can help.

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