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A soulful smile, ‘neath wearied eyes,
Betrays an ample life supreme.
His potent life and care belies,
Still beating heart with simple dreams.

His every speech, so eloquent,
His every word so dear to all.
With justice dealt where’er he went,
And fondest memories all recall.

In God’s great service he lived his days;
Judgments penned, such considered strokes.
Ever the straight and narrow way,
All Season’s Man, for all folks.

From one whose life you briefly touched,
I bid you Sir, a fond farewell.
And from those who loved you very much,
And in whose hearts you always dwell,

We pray God grant you kindly light,
To guide you on your final way;
Keep your countenance, still and bright,
And your few faults, now defray.

So as we gather in this place,
Silent, facing one more day.
We pray God grant you Devine grace,
And lasting peace, upon your way.

Hamish McGee
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