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This poem was written by Esha, in celebration of her maternal grandparents Golden wedding Anniversary.

I asked the wind, “What is Love?
What mystical component thereof
Strengthens Man and nourishes the soul?
What in Love comforts young and old?”

There was no reply, ‘though I heard through the trees,
The whispering of Love borne on the breeze.
I looked in vain for the hidden source,
Of that Devine, powerful yet gentle force.

“What is Love?” I then asked the sea.
Back came the reply, “Please ask not me.
My solitary purpose is to wash away sin,
So new beginnings in ending begin.

“Tell me of Love,” I next asked the sky.
“Oh please, I pray ask me not why,
For I cannot yet tell of all I know,
Of the pitiful men who live below.

Mine is the task to bring the day,
And when the sun can no longer stay,
I call to the darkness of the night,
To conceal my beautiful, illustrious light.”

So I asked the plants that grew around,
“What of Love?” I heard no sound.
The silence resounded and proclaimed aloud,
To secrete its treasure, it was avowed.

Thus I wandered so slow to dream,
Love was evasive, to me it seemed.
Long I meandered, deep was my slumber.
So many days, nights without number.

While in that sleep of comfort then,
I pondered on its meaning when,
Of Love I had searched but naught discerned,
So unworthy I was, I had not earned,

The means by which to know it’s deep art,
The very depths of it’s, dark, hidden heart.
So now I know Love gives most,
When least expected by it’s host.

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