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Another Time, Another Place . . .   . ..   .. .

Hamish McGee is a writer whose poems and stories transport troubled soul to times and places where those with vivid imaginations and a yearning for better times, will feel at home. Retreat to a place and age where boredom is unknown and adventure is the order of each day.

Some say HMcG was conceived in ancient ages far beyond the mysterious land that lies east of the known world. Others say he was born somewhere on the shores of Alba, long before the heather grew and only the Mist of Time covered the face of long forgotten mountains.

HMcG writes poetry and prose. His poetry, epic poetry, is long – sometimes very long, in fact, book length long. His purpose is to entertain and sometimes inform by telling stories that engage and positively capture the mind, heart and soul of the reader and listener. His admiration of the great balladeers, narrative poets and story tellers of the past, has inspired him to embark upon his own quest – to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the art of the epic poem.

HMcG also writes novellas and short stories. Like his poetry, these take the reader to different times and places which evoke long lost memories which aching hearts will understand. Those who want to read a thrilling and engaging story will also appreciate these.

HMcG’s interest in ancient, Medieval and Biblical history, the latter focusing on the early development of Christianity, has led to his current project, “Dreamer”. This novel explores and attempts to explain the life and events of the man who has most influenced humanity and whose presence reverberates to this very day.

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